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I like to do things. That about sums up my life. I'm always working on one thing or another. My idea of relaxing is not sitting on a beach, or lounging in a pool, or watching a movie. I am simply not that kind of person. Nothing wrong with people like that, but I'm just not wired that way. If I find myself in any of those situations, I am not relaxed, I'm anxious to get back into my studio and work on something! My idea of relaxing is to have an uninterrupted 16 hours where I can work on something without stopping to cook, or clean or go anywhere.

I tend to get bored fairly easy, so I like to have a lot of different projects in the works at any given time. Then when I get tired of working on one thing, I can switch to something else without missing a beat! Little by little my home is being overtaken by my crafts - but that's a good thing!

I try to spend a few hours every day on my writing, as a nice way to start each day. After that, I like to get 3-4 hours of colored pencil artwork done, then spend some time on quilting and quilt patterns. I like to leave the evenings for spinning, weaving, crochet and knitting. I also have my energetic dogs that make sure I don't sit in any one place for any length of time. They like playing in the sprinkler in the summer months, and romping in the snow in winter. As of this writing, I have three dogs, all German Shepherds, 2 and 7 years old. We all reside in Wisconsin, where I was born and raised.

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